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Handmade Incense is an age-old tradition that has been used for centuries to promote peace and well-being. Our incense is made with high-quality natural ingredients and crafted by artisans who have inherited the knowledge and techniques for making this special incense. When you burn our incense, you are not only enjoying its beautiful fragrance, but you are also benefiting from its therapeutic properties.

Image by Raimond Klavins

Bamboo less Incense

Unlike traditional incense sticks that use bamboo as a core, Rakth Chandan bamboo-less incenses are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made using natural ingredients, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. By choosing bamboo-less incenses, you contribute to a greener and more responsible way of enjoying the ancient practice of aromatherapy.

Image by Raimond Klavins

Yoga & Meditation

Discover the perfect companion for your daily prayer, Yoga, and meditation rituals. Our handmade incense sticks, crafted with handpicked essential oils and a blend of healing herbs, are designed to enhance your well-being. Elevate your spiritual journey with our exquisite handmade incense sticks. Crafted with care and devotion, our incense sticks are the perfect companions for your daily prayer, Yoga, and meditation practices. Immerse yourself in the aromatic bliss of handpicked essential oils and a harmonious blend of herbs that promote well-being and tranquillity.