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Amaranta - Cinnamon Silk Embrace, Sri Lankan Cinnamon and Goat Milk Handmade Massage Bar Soap

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


Discover the secret to radiant skin with Amaranta's handmade massage bar soap, a harmonious blend of Sri Lankan cinnamon and creamy goat milk. Crafted with love and care, this soap is designed to pamper your skin while providing a soothing massage experience.

Why Choose Amaranta's Sri Lankan Cinnamon and Goat Milk Soap?

  1. Premium Ingredients: We source the finest Sri Lankan cinnamon and pure goat milk to create a soap that's gentle on your skin and free from harsh chemicals.

  2. Nourishing Benefits: Goat milk is known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

  3. Exotic Aroma: Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of Sri Lankan cinnamon, known for its rich, warm scent that lingers delicately on your skin.

  4. Handmade with Love: Each soap bar is meticulously crafted by our artisans, ensuring quality and a personal touch in every bar.

  5. Multipurpose: Use it as a massage bar to relieve stress and tension while nourishing your skin, making it a perfect addition to your self-care routine.

How to Use:

  • Wet the soap and massage gently onto your skin.

  • Enjoy the rich lather and aromatic experience.

  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


  • Sri Lankan Cinnamon

  • Goat Milk

  • Love and Care

Ideal For:

  • All skin types

  • Those seeking a natural and luxurious skincare experience


Elevate your daily skincare ritual with Amaranta's Sri Lankan Cinnamon and Goat Milk Handmade Massage Bar Soap. Immerse yourself in the exotic aroma of cinnamon and experience the nourishing benefits of goat milk, all in one luxurious bar. Indulge your skin and senses today!

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