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Effect of Aromatherapy during Meditation

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Significance of Dhoopam during Prayer

Dhoopam is one of the steps in shodasopachara Puja (16 steps of worship). Dhoopam is the next step after offering flowers, while offering dhoopam below mantra need to enchant.

“Dasangam huhhilopetham
Sugandhamcha sumanoharam
Dhoopam dasyamithae deva
Gruhana parameshwara”

In this sixteen-fold worship, offering sacred water in conch represents Jalam (water), offering sandalwood paste (Gandham) represents earth, offering flowers (Pushpam) represents the sky (Akash) are offered first. Then, fragrant fumes (Dhoopam) represent air and the lighted lamp (Deepam) represents light or Thejas are offered next to them, followed by ringing of the bell.


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